Sweet honey moon to Australia


Preparing wedding is hectic. I had no idea that I had to wear more than 6 dresses to choose for the wedding. For rehearsal wedding photograph(I heard it’s not worldwide culture but getting popular) we had to shiver because of cold weather wearing sleeveless piece of cloth.

The biggest rewards from that would be a honey moon trip! I WE decided to go Australia for 10 days. My hubby it’s still awkward to call him like that actually doesn’t like to go there because he didn’t know it is such a beautiful huge island.

I always loved Aus ever since I’ve went there as an exchange student. Somehow the time goes very slowly. That is probably because the nation is surrounded by full of nature and have relaxing atmosphere<3 never felt that in busy dynamic Seoul.


Oh well, as other new couples do we started fight at flight. It is going to be the most awful flight I’ve ever had. 🙂 nice.

10 hour flight from Seoul to Sydney and nearly 2 hour for Melbourne wasn’t ideal but still there was excitement deep inside.

Adina hotel

We stayed at Adina Hotel in Melbourne. Apartment type room was bit small but cozy and close to CBD. reception staffs are very kind and let us know about tour programs like great ocean road trip stuffs. There is also small restaurant serve room service. We had actually no chance to experience because the hotel was located too close to food alley.


We forgot why we picked up the fight at flight after we looked this amazing scenery.






L1180683 L1180685

The restaurant, Max Hardware Lane in the food alley was just amazing!! I leave some tips for seafood risotto. AMAZING AMAZING!! very little tips, I’m not sure if he could get can of coke with it.  That place is actually famous for steak but umm.. steak was Okay.

L1180840 L1180849

Breakfast, before we were heading to great ocean road. I found it weird that not a single Australian have long black at cafe. It is the most popular coffee type in Korea. Maybe they hate bitter taste.


Fish&Chips, on the way to great ocean road. The worst one I’ve ever had but no other choices.

L1190163 L1190216 L1190220  L1190377


Massive nature. I was a bit horrified by their scale. It was not just ocean. I prefer London Bridge. Less people more nature.


L1190476 L1190473L1190622 L1190621 L1190620

Hopetoun Tea room. I will never forget this lovely dessert cafe. I know I can have deep, nice black tea everywhere but no dessert. I couldn’t understand people who spend more money on dessert and being 30 min happy. After I experience Hopetoun tea room, my perception of them is totally changed. Not only their fabulous visual but also their even more amazing taste utterly melt me.

I went there for 2 straight days to have ‘Today’s special’ Uh, happy.

L1190554 L1190553

400 Gradi. You can have a world No.1 Margherita pizza here. It still makes my mouse watering even tho I came back 3 weeks ago. I strongly recommend you to try at least once. Second one is of course your choice but I am sure you want more. We shared one pizza and pasta with some nice wine. Guys at the other table ordered 3 pizzas for each. Anyway pasta was Okay but the pizza was absolutely soooooooo tasty.


Melbourne was all about lovely food, walk so much (not as much as Sydney tho), and good people. It was a wonderful trip<3

Food-Korean style Shabu-shabu


Korean style shabu-shabu is long way to run. It goes through largely 3 steps.

1. Vegetable, meat part

2. Noodle part

3. Rice with egg + chopped vegetable

I love this variety meal and I think it’s perfect for cold weather or a rainy day. My boyfriend, June and I went to Jong-ro which is located right next to Gwanghwa-mun and Myeong-dong. Those places are always crowded, so we chose to have lunch in Jong-ro.

In here, I sometimes could find non-Korean walk around doing nothing. 🙁 Because there are nothing to take a picture or have a look. In fact, Jong-ro is more like food + bar alley than tourist site. I recommend you to have good lunch or dinner here and walk along Cheonggyecheon Stream. (Sense 8 was filmed in Cheonggyecheon Stream!)


snack-vegetable pancake, Seasoned Squid and Sundae


vegetable pancake,  Seasoned Squid and  Sundae

In Korea, there are so many types of food. It’s almost impossible to count. Each region has typical food, taste and the different way to eat even though it’s same food.

For example, in Seoul, people eat Sundae with salt but in Busan with red colored source(bit spicy), Makjang. This kind of differences comes from climate. Seoul is absolutely colder than Busan and as I said before, Busan is very humid and all-time warmer than Seoul. So, no other choices but make food saltier to keep them longer.

Vegetable pancake, I never see someone who don’t like it. tip, We(Korean) love to eat this and Makgeolli on a rainy day. (I think it’s some sort of habit.. or custom).

How to eat? Put little soy source and enjoy!  This mix also highly recommended!!


*Oh, you can skip the squid if you are not happy with that. 🙂

snack-sweet Korean pancake stuffed with seeds


sweet Korean pancake stuffed with seeds


Even Korean from other city love this hotteok(호떡). You can enjoy sweet and crunchable texture paying only around a dollor.

I assume you must be in trouble to pronounce that word. Don’t worry just find crowd at Nampo-dong, then there is it! Also no need to hesitate when you order. Just show them how many hotteok you need. You have wonderful fingers! 🙂



Refresh travel to Busan

 Refresh travel to Busan!

Busan is my home-town and it’s second biggest city in Korea. It’s so natural for me to visit Busan regularly. However, I never want to go there ONLY particular period, in MY HOLIDAY.

In the holiday season which is normally August, Everything is SO EXPENSIVE IN KOREA. Please avoid August every year to travel Korea!!! It’s soooo HOT and HUMID too.

Anyway. Me and my bf decided to spend our winter holiday in Busan ‘Again!’ because of moving out + prepare for wedding etc.) We usually take train to travel Busan because it’s quite reasonable price, around 56,000 won and it takes only 2 and half hours(45 min flight tho).


McDonald at Seoul Station is always busy. Please don’t expect good quality of French fries. It honestly taste like they soak all oil in the fryer. Still good simple meal for tourist!



Standing second floor of Seoul Station looking down railroad is just so good because I know that the railroad will take me to home and somewhere else I preciously remember for long time.



WOO HOO! Mc Morning!


In Busan, there are only two station KTX stop by. Busan Station and Gupo Station

Mostly Busan station is close to popular sites!

When you arrive in Busan you immediately feel the different atmosphere. It’s a lot warmer than Seoul.

Oryukdo Islands SKY WALK(오륙도 스카이워크; in case you know Korean)

KakaoTalk_20160103_205321537 KakaoTalk_20160103_205322613

Oryukdo Sky walk is one of tourist attractions in Busan where you could enjoy beautiful scenery. It is located in yongho-dong, Busan.

What I love the most is the smell of sea and breathtaking views. I always miss it and you will not forget it for very long time.

Please keep some cash for parking lot if you take a car.

Credit card is not available!


 The road from near apartment to Skywalk was just an art. I was a bit jealous of people who live there.

Unobstructed views of the sea

6 small islands in huddle

 fingernail-sized ships

 KakaoTalk_20160103_205324927 KakaoTalk_20160103_205327617 KakaoTalk_20160103_205329919

 I hesitated thousands of times whether I should take a camera or not and I end up decided to take pics with my lovely iPhone. If you take a humongous camera, you will get one or two master-piece here.



Moved to Gwangalli(광안리) It’s also one of the most beautiful beaches in Busan with Haeundae. Here becomes more popular after futuristy city has developed near by. It does feel like I’m in somewhere 2025.

DSCF6201 DSCF6181 DSCF6166

The best thing I can enjoy at cafe near Gwangalli is the sea view. If you add some Affogato, even more perfect.


When you visit Busan, you will see people more relax than Seoul. They are hardly in rush. They love sea, some drink, leisure, and comfortable time. As they do, you will experience same thing in Busan. Perfect for the refresh travel?



Gyeongbokgung: The heart of Korea

DSCF6915 DSCF6921

If someone ask me where to start journey in Korea, I would say ‘THE PALACE’. Gyeongbok palace is the heart of Seoul and eventually Korea.

Gyeongbokgung(we call palace ‘gung’ in Korean) was built in 1395, three years after the Joseon Dynasty was founded, and it served as the main palace for more than five hundred years.

Yes it’s almost 620 year old now. Joseon Dynasty maintained approximately five centuries. The capital of Joseon Dynasty was ‘Hanyang’ which is modern-day Seoul. Since capital city hasn’t changed for more than 600 years, major government office, the headquarter of big companies, historical remains etc almost everything is still in Seoul. That is why Seoul has all time problems such as  housing shortage, rich-poor gap and pollution because of concentration of population.

Gwanghwamun sqare
Gwang-hwa mun square and King Sejong statue

Anyway, Gyeongbokgung and the square right in front of palace are the all-time favorite site even for Korean. This beautiful loyal palace will give you strong feeling that you are now in ‘Korea’. Actually, it’s not hard to find this kind of palace in Asia, however, there are some distinctive features. Gyeongbokgung has more curve line in its design compared to others and it’s totally blended into the nature. The trees, pond and mountain make scenery just perfect.

More information: Guide_Gyeongbokgung

Entrance Free

3,000 Won single entrance

1,500 Won reduced entrance(available upon children* and school pupils up to 18 years of age)

Children under seven free

Free for one in Korean traditional outfit(example as below)

Korean traditional outfit, Hanbok. Near gyeongbokgung, there are lots of places rent hanbok for traveler!
Korean traditional outfit, Hanbok. Near gyeongbokgung, there are lots of places rent hanbok for traveler!

Opening Time

Nov-Dec 09:00~17:00(Latest entrance: 1 hour before closure

                                 closing time is different each season.
Subway – use Gyeongbokgung or Gwang-hwa mun sataion
Taxi – ask driver to go to Gyongbokgung(much easier?)
I don’t recommend bus o_o too complicated.